“I clean my heat pump filters; I don’t need a service!”

We hear this often but it’s important to note that cleaning your heat pump and servicing are entirely different.

Servicing your heat pump is not only imperative to the longevity of your unit but it also helps it perform at peak efficiency. When it isn’t running at it’s peak, it’s costing you more in energy consumption and we all want to avoid that! Regular heat pump servicing also aids the filters in doing their job of removing bacteria and odours from the air in your home.

So how often should you have your unit serviced? We recommend having it done at least once a year but ideally you should have it serviced before you really require it, so pre-winter for heating and pre-summer for cooling. If you have noticed that your power bills have been on the rise, this could also be an indication that your heat pump is not running as efficiently as it could and is due for a service.

Here at Mill Electrical, we are here to help with not only installing the units but also carrying out the regular servicing that your heat pump requires. We will do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean the coils of the system
  • Clean and scrub out the drainpipes & condensate pumps
  • Clean the air filters
  • Inspect the electrical circuit of the system
  • Check for any refrigerant gas leaks
  • Check the systems fault diagnostics
  • Check the temperature readings
  • Check the noise levels & the systems general operations

Get in touch with us today, to book in a heat pump service with a friendly heat pump technician from Mill Electrical.