Imagine being in control of every aspect of your home- from the temperature to the lighting and energy use. With just a few taps from your phone or a couple of words from your voice assistant, you can shut the curtains or switch off the lights without having to leave the comfort of your bed.

Mill Electrical are an approved installer of the PDL Wiser Smart Home by Schneider Electric. We work with you to create a smart home tailored around your needs and lifestyle. What would you like your new home to do to enhance your life? Maybe you’d like the lights to come on at 30% in the hallway between sunrise until you wake up. Perhaps you’d like the blinds to automatically close at sunset. It can even be as simple as switching on the TV from the Wiser app on your phone, without having to give up your space on the couch.

Wiser Smart Home is also fantastic for enhancing your home security. Perhaps you’re on holiday but you are still wanting your home to look lived-in while you’re not there. Simply schedule your lights to come on at 5.30pm and to turn off at 10pm, all from your smart phone.

Wiser doesn’t just make your home smarter, it can aid in making your whole lifestyle easier and more convenient and help you on saving energy costs also. Here at Mill Electrical, we supply and install the Wiser Smart Home and we can certainly see why it is so popular with our clients!

Get in touch with a friendly member of our team, to find out how you can start enjoying all the fantastic benefits of living in a PDL Wiser Smart Home.