In simple terms Wi-Fi is like an invisible cord connecting your computer or cell phone to the internet.

Due to the current state of the world, working from home is the new normal. Standard domestic modems generally can’t keep up with this increased demand.

With so many devices connected via Wi-Fi it makes sense to have a good robust system.

Did you know that if you have too many devices connected over Wi-Fi it will slow down your overall internet speed?

Because of this when we wire a new house or do a major alteration we try to hardwire fixed devices such as computers and TVs.

This leaves the Wi-Fi free for more portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Since the internet has become such a key tool for our everyday modern living, we all want the best and strongest signal possible.

What can Mill Electrical do to help you?


Option 1
If you already have fibre installed, contact Mill Electrical, we will come out to site and provide a solution to best utilise your new UFB connection, while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. We do this by using Wireless Access Points and cabling to fixed devices.


Option 2 – the preferred option.
If you don’t yet have fibre installed to your house but you’re in the pipeline to be contacted by Chorus. Get Mill Electrical on your team early to ensure a high-quality installation of your fibre and ONT. We specialise in thinking outside the box when it comes to techniques and methods of getting the fibre to your home without jeopardising the look of your house. We will also talk to you about your home network requirements and provide a solution to suit.